Principal Note:

Dear Parents,
We here at Newton schools believe in the holistic education approach and we work to the best of our abilities to nurture and bring out the absolute best in our students. Our team here at SMES, along with the teaching and the non-teaching faculty, create the perfect environment and the ambience that a child would like to study and grow in. We work to the best of our abilities to make our students the people that the society looks up to and who would be a fine example for the younger generations yet to come.

Principal continues....

We here assure you that your child is in good hands and will be well educated and well taken care of. It would be a pleasure to have you here so that you can have a look at how we do things. We would like your full trust and support before we actually begin because we both know how important this is.

All the Best!
Mr. Showkath Ali Khan Zai