about us

An enriching life is more than just academic success.
We believe that good education is more than mere academic grades. Which is why we ensure that your children receive exceptional intellectual, personal, emotional and social grooming, thus preparing them for all of life's challenges.

The right opportunities bring out the best in all children.
Every child has the potential to excel. And this potential is unleashed when their hidden talents are discovered and nurtured. Therefore, we offer an array of opportunities to find and shape the unique talents of our young achievers, so that they can carve a niche for themselves in the world.

NEWTON SCHOOL is an extended day school, with a programme of academics and sports that runs from 8:45 am to 3:00 pm. A strong emphasis on learning provides our educators the opportunity to design curricula which makes the education process current, meaningful and relevant. The school focuses on developing cognitive skills and soft skills through collaborative tasks at the classroom level, helping the children learn through their own range of multiple intelligences.

Helping your child learn the values of discipline
It is important to inculcate a sense of discipline in children right from a very young age so that they are able to conform to rules, refer to guidelines and regulate their activities to follow a pattern that helps them accommodate hectic schedules and fast-paced lifestyles. To help children internalize this self-discipline, it's crucial for a school to set certain rules and regulations, which should be strictly adhered to.


is a school with contemporary and progressive in thought and action, yet with its roots clearly and proudly embedded in Indian culture and ethos. Committed to continuously providing its students with a host of opportunities to pursue academic and personal excellence, our academic team is engaged in continuous optimization of both teaching and learning methods thereby, preparing their students for a wondrous lifetime of learning. The school commits itself to instill the qualities of integrity, discipline and lateral thinking. These are a part of broad canvas of a social, moral and ethical values that are key ingredients to moulding an exemplary individual.



The institution was established in the year 1969 and has been successfully running from the last 47 years. It is a co-educational Institution providing education from Nursery to High School.
We work daily to the best our abilities to keep up the trust and faith our students and their parents have in us. We also want the same result, to make him/her an exemplary individual in the society and we make that possible by providing them with holistic education and a fun growth process that makes learning easier and more interesting for them.
NPS students are groomed in such noble ways that they take can on the challenges of the world with booming confidence and with a head held high. Our excellent faculty here work every day to bring out the best in the students under their care and guidance. Hard work from both sides can make the dreams into reality and we try to fulfil it to the best of our abilities.