Vice-Principal Note:

Dear Parents,
The philosophy of Education in our school is the Recognition of all the students as individuals with a right to learn and evolve academically and personally in a supportive environment. While striving for excellence in academics we also seek to impart integrity and fundamental human values to our students, through our educational principles and through the role models- the staff, themselves.
I as the vice-principal believe that our Institution is responsible for demonstrating and promoting the qualities of an educated person which includes; wisdom, Competence, compassion, sense of wellbeing and quest for peace and justice.
The seeds of Excellence sown at an early age at our school find fruition in farming Responsible citizen Newton &Subhash Group of School considers it to be the privilege matter to serve the society by giving them a perfect platform to fulfill their dreams of education.

Vice-Principal continues....

“Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the World”
As the vice-principal of this Established Reputed Institution, I have formulated some of the fundamental aims of our educational system.
“Aims are concerned with purpose, whereas objectives are concerned with achievement”
• To provide opportunities for the students to develop a wide range of intellectual and other skills, transferable to many jobs and professions.
• To enable students to appreciate the value of sociological enquiry and to enjoy studying the discipline.
• Desire to create Thoughtful citizen.
• To gain self –Esteem and confidence.
• To ensure that educational management is decentralized to the community and that the communities enjoy the children’s right to education.
“This Educational Institution will be always perceived as The Best and True Temple of Learning”.

Best wishes,