Head Mistress Note:

Dear Parents,
The facilities and infrastructure at SMES creates the right atmosphere for the child to think critically and grow intellectually. Every child has the freedom to express his or her creativity and hone his or her talents. Our ultimate aim is to develop well rounded, self-sufficient individuals with an awareness of the complex, fast- changing world around, who can contribute into making this world a better place to live in.
We try to turn every child at SMES into a thinking individual who is ahead of his time, and who is pragmatic in his attitude and approach to life.

Head Mistress continues....

To realize these objectives, SMES has a meticulously picked team of committed, enlightened and zealous teachers who are determined to make the process of teaching an interesting, and innovative endeavour that makes learning fun.
We truly believe that our staff with the right blend of experience, enterprise and communication skills is our strength. They are trained to adapt to a culture that is child friendly and knowledge centric. They are also given ample opportunities to grow and hone their skills through a wide array of workshops and developmental programs focused on creating a vibrant system of learning. We aim at fostering a deep understanding between the faculty, the students and the parents to create a warm and congenial atmosphere all around.
By working together as a team, we could make the desired difference.
Best wishes,